Hi I'm

Rashan Casseus

A mix of all the Ninja Turtles into one. Suffering from an addiction to coffee, cookies and zombies. A team player and negotiator with dev and stakeholders. 
Not above bribes of pizza to get a feature approved.A self-motivated designer who can see a product, website or app from concept to wireframes on through to launch. Motivated by curiosity and the challenge of designing digital products and experiences.

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Hire Me To Do...

In my daily work life I collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, to understand and interpret the needs of the customer and business with deep understanding for the technology. 

Digital Product Design
Interaction Design
Responsive Web Design
Mobile App Design
Interactive Prototypes
Pattern Libraries

My Super Powers

Build The Design Team Culture
Understanding Complex Systems
Communicating the Value of UX / UI Design to Stakeholder and Clients

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