Wheat Thins Superbowl Campagin: SuperSnackMe

UX Designer
Project Overview
While freelancing for the design agency AKQA, I worked on a project for the snack company WheatThins.

For the Superbowl, WheatThin wanted to celebrate the event by handing out snacks to their customers while they are at home watching the game's excitement. But this would be based on which city had more users interacting with the WheatThin marketing site.
  • Responsive layout. I lead one of the first projects the agency created using responsive design.
  • Twitter And Instagram Integration.
  • Handle unknown factors as to which city will make it to the Superbowl.
  • Legal restrictions. We could not show any visual elements related to a known NFL sports’ team.
Planning like this is where I map out the process from beginning to end. Keeping in mind the businesses needs, while knowing that users have come to complete a task. Finding this balance is a delicate process.
User Journey
At this stage I created several concepts that would satisfy our initial requirements and constraints. But also provide an exciting experience for our users.

The site could not use official NFL branding and had to be flexible to match any possible set of teams going to the final Super Bowl.
Here I visualized how users would interact with our site and how the site would respond to users. Where we prototyped the actions and animations.
The final launched designs.
Final Design

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A mixture of all the Ninja Turtles 🐢 into one. Suffering from an addiction to coffee, cookies and zombies 🧟. Team player, a negotiator with developers, product owners and stakeholders.

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Experimentation,  concept designs, digital art.
Writings on design and case studies. Some fun stuff as well.
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